BONSAI PEOPLE - THE VISION OF MUHAMMAD YUNUS, documentary, 78 and 54 min. + 2 hours of bonus materials

Bonsai People - The Vision of Muhammad Yunus is a feature length documentary that follows Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus’ pioneering work of microcredit and social business. 

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus did his part to fight poverty by micro-lending $27 to 42 people, an effort which has now grown to 8 million women and 8 billion dollars and been replicated around the world.  The film shows how microcredit is really a tool to unleash human potential and empower millions of women. But as we follow a handful of microcredit borrowers, we see the other difficulties they face. They not only lack access to financial services, but they lack access to so many other services we take for granted including healthcare, education and energy.   

Over the years as Yunus saw these problems he started new businesses to solve them and in the process created a new type of business, which he’s coined “social business" - or a mix between business and social work.  Even though Yunus is best know for as the father of microcredit, microcredit is just the tip of the iceberg.  And in Bonsai People we see his full vision in action. 

“Hopeful and inspiring, this is highly recommended.” (3.5 star review) M. Puffer-Rothenberg, Video Librarian (Sept/Oct 2012)

“Provides an excellent overview of one approach to social entrepreneurship in creating social change.” - Richard Sundeen, Professor Emeritus - USC Price School of Public Policy

Perfect for classes in: Economics, Business, Public Policy, Women's Studies, Public Health, Law, International Development, International Studies, Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, Community Development, Social Entrepreneurship

HUMMINGBIRD, documentary, 50 min.

In the beautiful coastal city of Recife, Brazil - a world capital for sex tourism - a couple of determined women decided they would try to break the cycle of domestic violence and get kids off the streets.  Hummingbird goes onto the streets and sees the harsh reality these kids face and shows how these programs help break the cycle, using what they call the pedagogy of affection. 

The film follows the story of Adriana, a girl who left home at the age of six and had a daughter at age 11. She matter-of-factly tells how street life is and how the program worked for her.  We also see the root of the problem, which starts with violence at home.  The kids run away only to find what waits for them is a life with little hope.   After seeing the cycle that leads kids to the street, these women began addressing family issues at the root of the problem and working with both the mind and body to overcome their trauma. 

Hummingbird goes onto the street to see the reality of these kids, and then goes into the programs to see just how these high risk kids can be helped.

"Offering a “real” life counterpart to “reel” life Brazilian features such as Pixote and City of God, this bargain-priced exposé is highly recommended." 4 STAR EDITOR’S CHOICE  – VIDEO LIBRARIAN (P. Hall)

“The value of ... Hummingbird is that it makes the viewer care about the street kids and the women who are trying to help them. With any luck, this kind of compassion will help fuel a future generation of engaged anthropologists.” – Elizabeth Cartwright, Professor of Anthropology and Nursing, Idaho State University, review in Visual Anthropology, Volume 21

Perfect for classes in:  Anthropology, Public Health, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Gender Studies, Community Development, Public Policy, Education, Latin American Studies, Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, and Religious Studies


Money Talks exposes the questionable tactics that big drug companies use to make record profits by playing with the safety of our family´s health care. Using misleading advertising, attractive "drug reps" who wine and dine doctors and other unethical practices, the drug industry makes billions of dollars every year selling us unsafe, unnecessary and overpriced drugs. If you want to protect the people you love from their dangerous practices that compromise the safety and quality of our health care, Money Talks is a must-see film.

Engaging and informative, the film offers a reasoned approach to the subject matter and is a terrific way to stimulate discussion about the ethical implications of pharmaceutical promotion.

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety was honored by the American Library Association's 2008 list of Notable Videos for Adults, a list of 15 outstanding programs released on video.

“Should be required viewing!" - Meghann Matwichuk, ALA Committee Member

"Viewers will be forever changed in their perception of the pharmaceutical industry." 
-Bradley Lewis, M.D. Ph.D., NYU

Perfect for classes in:  Medical Ethics, Law, Public Policy, Nursing, and Pharmacology


SIDE EFFECTS, Romantic Comedy, 90 min.

A Smart and Sexy Comedy! Karly Hert (Katherine Heigl) has spent the last ten years selling drugs...legally, that is.  She works for one of corporate America`s darlings, the pharmaceutical industry.  Karly has it all - a big salary, a company car, a closet full of hot business suits and a growing pit in her stomach...  Everything changes when she meets sexy Zach Danner (Lucian McAfee), a down-to-earth guy. Sparks fly!  As their relationship heats up, he encourages Karly to walk her talk and leave her empty job.  Karly devises a plan to get out - she begins being brutally honest with physicians about her drugs` "benefits." Ironically, her sales go through the roof and she is once again wooed by the seductive golden handcuffs.  Somehow leaving is never quite as easy as it seems...  SIDE EFFECTS stars Grey`s Anatomy's hottest intern, Katherine Heigl - it's the perfect prescription for a new comedy!

Filmmaker Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau has received both national and international press coverage, including The Atlantic Monthly, British Medical Journal, CNN, The New York Times, Psychology Today, USA Today and The Economist.

"Savagely Funny" - Jeanne Lenzer, British Medical Journal

Side Effects shows students the importance of ethical business practices and ethical medicine like a teaspoon of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Perfect for classes in:  Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, Business, Nursing, and Pharmacology